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Rehomed and rescued birds' Journal
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Saturday, May 15th, 2010
1:57 pm
Broken Hearted resolutions....
Ok, so I've come to realize that it's not fair to my beautiful Azul for me to keep him. He's not coping well with the baby getting more attention than he gets. While I was pregnant, he decided that my 11 y/o son was "his person" who's only here half of the time, due to the custody situation and less than that when we're on the go. Which, admittedly, is too much to expect a bird to tolerate. I've had to admit that as much as I love him (and having birds in general) our life is just to chaotic for feathered-parenthood and it was selfish of me to think otherwise. SO, if we can forego the flaming, my son and I are devastated about this as it is, I'm looking for a new forever-home for my baby. I rescued him 3 years ago and never expected to have another baby. Here's his stats:

We're in the Dallas Area, BTW: Local Only

11 yo Rose-ringed neck parakeet (pictured) Good health. Wings partially clipped (beginning to grow out.) Will of course include cage, playstand, toys, etc. His hatch date is mid-march, I can't seem to find his hatch certificate, but I do have it and will forward it on when I find it. He has a beautiful, loving personality and really needs a LOT of attention. Friendly towards kids, other pets and anyone who will give him attention, but will get demanding for attention if ignored. The screaming is new since the baby was born, so I'm hoping he'll grow out of it. Understands still that covered cage means quiet time. Like I said, very easily handled and loving, just not happy that he's not Mommy's #1 baby atm and gets depressed when my son isn't around or has to do anything but play with him exclusively. 

Please, it is so very important to me that he have a good, permanent home. Would be even better if it were somewhere local to me that I could bring my son to visit his buddy, I think they would both be happier that way. 

I will be x-posting this a bit, I need to do this before I lose my resolve. It took me a long time (too long, tbh) and he deserves so much more than I can give him right now.  He's just not getting the attention and care that he deserves...oh, and the AC just went out in our house, and won't be repaired until we find $1500 to fix it.
Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
3:36 am
Hey everyone!

I've been a regular member of parrot_lovers for almost a year now, and I just found out about this comm the other day. Thought I'd join up and share some pictures, too.

A week ago, we brought home a white-capped pionus named Eugene, adopted from St. Louis Avian Rescue, or St.A.R. He's such a little bandit!

At first, he was extremely cautious and a little aggressive towards me. It turns out that he hates pet carriers...and he stared at me from inside of one for two hours on the way home. He was holding onto that grudge with all of his might, and managed to bleed me a few times. But, he loved my husband from the word Go.

Now that it's been a week, he's completely settled down. All signs of cage aggression and biting have literally vanished. He's turned into the sweetest bird I've ever owned; he loves nothing more than to ride around on your shoulder all day long, have his neck scritched, and startle the cats. He'll only bathe when I'm holding him, so he can snuggle into the crook of my neck and coo the whole time.

To put it bluntly, he's the exact opposite of what I was planning to deal with. I was absolutely prepared to rehabilitate and re-tame him.

Pictures!Collapse )
Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
3:52 pm
Safety question.
My yellow-collared macaw Jennie chews and shreds non-stop during the day. I give her paper and cardboard. I have an empty plastic canister of Folger's coffee, the red one. Would that be safe to give to her? She doesn't seem to eat the stuff she pulverizes ;)
Thursday, January 1st, 2009
8:09 am
Happy New Year!
I've officially had my 10 year old senegal, Maeby, for a year now. Well, a year and 4 days, but who's counting? She's come out of her shell a lot in the last year, though she's still pretty shy and timid if I compare her to my cockatiel. New people still terrify her (but if you'd lost 4 families you'd probably be wary of new people too) and touching her beyond step ups and kisses on the top of the beak is a rare priviledge, but she's still improved a lot. She's my sweet little angel to counter my cocky little monkey-tiel. Their personalities really are diametrically opposed, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope everyone's had a great year with their adopted little ones, and best wishes for 2009!
Saturday, November 15th, 2008
1:47 pm
Bad smell?!
Hi. I am not trying to be gross or funny here, but I have a yellow collared macaw who just crapped and it smelled like rotten eggs. It looked like normal bird crap. I have 7 birds and have had birds most of my life, and have never noticed an odor in their feces. Has anyone else had this happen?

She's on Zupreem pellets and gets nuts, vegetables, fruit, pasta, and bread throughout the week. She stole a Frito from me last night and I'm wondering if that's what did it. She acts like she feels fine.

Crossposted to bird communties.
Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
10:53 am
African Parrot Sanctuaries
I am trying to locate sanctuaries for African parrots. Particularly Poicephalus (senegalus, Senegal and rufiventurus, red bellied). Such sanctuary would house birds with a flock of their own kind in flight arrangements. Any information on possible places would be wonderful and most appreciated!!
Monday, July 14th, 2008
6:43 pm
I'm Jenn, just joined and I'm owned by a quaker, 2 sun conures and an african gray.

I hope nobody minds if I plug my new community lolparrots. Come check it out, and join if you like what you see. :)

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, July 10th, 2008
11:50 am
Caique in Bay Area, California needs new home
Hello, Bird People;

This is a sad post to write, but my pet blackhead caique needs a new home. She will come with a macaw-sized powder-coated cage that is 3 feet wide, 2 1/2 feet deep and 5 feet 5 inches tall (cost $450 new), many bird toys, and a separate night cage to sleep in.

I have had her for 7 years since she was a chick. She is extremely playful, loves to hop, skip and chirp madly all the while. She is very interactive with clucks, chirps, clicks and whistles. Speaks a garbled "step up." Loves to cuddle, explore new places, and flap wings to bathe in the sink.

I am seeking a new home for her because she has become intolerant of men, and will try to bite guys if given half a chance. She VERY MUCH prefers to bond with women. I'm unsure about how she is with children -- she was fine several years ago but she hasn't had much recent exposure to them.

I don't want to charge a fee, but I'm worried how people will treat a "free" bird, so I am requesting a $400 donation to Second Harvest Food Bank, an excellent charity fighting hunger in the USA.

If you are interested, please leave me a comment on my livejournal and tell me about yourself. I look forward to hearing from you. Please forward this to anyone you think would be interested. Thank you.

Cross Posted.
Thursday, June 19th, 2008
4:57 pm
Hi.. has been a wile since I have posted.
I have adopted a WONDERFUL CAG, and I do want you t understand that it is not just me saying that she is bright, she is sort of the River Tam of the bird word.
Back story. I am her 3 home. The first home, the womam had to rehome her as she was atacking her baby. Second home, the wife was being atacked (the wife LOVED her took very good care of her ect) but snuggles the CAG bonded to the husband, that grew tired of her after about 18 mts. The wife of the house atempted for 7 years to get the Grey to love her, but Snuggles became more and more agressive and atacking and biting and hating her. (calling her The Bitch, ect.)
I found a ad for Snuggles and after a few mts of back and forth email and talking we managed to meet. Snuggles took to me almost right off.
I had a feeling that part of this was to "hurt the feelings" of her keeper.
and to atempt to get bird drama.
Even knowing this I fell in love with her.
She quoted movies. She heard me say that I liked a dragon plate and she repeted Dragon to me.
She told me that she wanted to come home with me.

The care taker and I agreed that we would think it over. (I would have taken her right then If I could have. We were in the mid of house remodeling ect and I would have had to bord her least for 3 days when the painting and plastering was being done.
Things happened, and I did not get her for almost 2 mts.
The first words out of her mouth when i got her homw was.
"Nice Place."
I swere the second was were is the bathroom but I can not prove it. it might have been were is the bedroom.
she has been full of funny and very cohearent responces to questions and questions to things.
When I asked the vet about her test and was told that her potasion was high.
she asked Potasim isn low. what dose that mean? I told her it was high, and that she should eat more calcum stuff acording to the vet.
(when we went to the vet, she wanted to know what was wrong with her.
they drew blood, she is still not happy about that. has not forgiven me about it. She is still upset at my house mate forhelping getting her into the travle bag.
Any way. she has been very neg to most peaple in the house, and sort of starting to bond with me.
She was and is atempting to bond with my husband, but have warned him off.
Thins are going slowy. She is ordering me around.
Clicker traing is going well. She clicks, and I give her something.

Current Mood: content
11:57 am
Cage bound bird progress!
Maeby, my 10 year old adopted senegal, came out of her cage today because the door was open and something startled her and she ended up fluttering out the door. She landed on the floor and I just sat down nearby to see what she'd do. For a minute or so she just stood there and looked around, but then she started exploring the room a little bit. She climbed up the wicker garbage bag (with me right there to intercept if she decided to chew the trash bag -- she didn't) and climbed back down, climbed up onto one of the couches and stood there for a while looking about before climbing back down. Then she flew a couple feet (she's currently clipped) and landed near me. I was holding a treat and we played the "I'll fling it and you'll go get it again, silly human" game for a bit before she climbed up onto my lap (another leap of progress in itself -- she is rather skittish of any body part other than faces.) Then she flung the treat too far away for me to retrieve it without moving her, so I just talked to her while she sat on my leg and contemplated climbing up to my shoulder. After that she fluttered up to the door of her cage and went back in, I gave her the treat which she ate, and praised her and told her how proud of her I am.

This is the biggest step she's taken in the 5 months I've had her. She's obviously starting to feel more comfortable, and I'm so so happy about that.

cross-posted to parrot_lovers

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
7:30 pm
I've had my 9 year old senegal for 4 months now, and I'm her fourth home. She's getting much more comfortable with me in her cage, to the point where she loves it if I put my whole upper body into the cage with her and give her kisses and attention as long as I keep my hands out of the cage. Unfortunately, I can't stand beside her cage all day and she's gotten to the point that she wants attention a lot of the time. She's still very hand-shy and won't come out of her cage. Does anyone have any advice for helping her get over her fear of hands and/or get her to come out of her cage willingly? Using a stick to take her out doesn't work either, she's scared of them as well. I would love to give her the attention she wants and deserves, but standing beside her cage the entire time I'm home just isn't possible. I've tried showing her how harmless and even good hands can be by scratching my cockatiel and having him practice step-ups in front of her. She watches intently, but stays by the back of the cage while she watches.

Any advice at all will be greatly appreciated by both me and Maeby.
Sunday, March 9th, 2008
12:12 pm
Too late for training?
I recently purchased a DVD kit that promised I could stop my bird's "nasty behavior."

But Parker (my cockatiell) isn't exactly nasty, he just refuses to be petted.  He will sit on the couch with me at times, he lets me feed little bunches of millet to him by hand, and sometimes he'll even land on my forearm after doing some laps around the room.  This is about as close as we have been, and I've been okay with it for the 10 years we've lived together so far.  I just concluded there was something he hated about hands.  I got him from a pet store (never intending to buy anything there) where they had him in a cage by himself on the floor; next to his cage was another filled with puppies who were rattling his cage each time the moved about -- he looked super miserable & so... I bought him.  Not knowing how long he'd been there, I just figured his stint in that store was horribly traumatic, and just accepted Parker Won't Allow Petting. 

When I came across this product on the Internet & watched the sample videos with clicker training, I thought I could get him to change his ways.  Well, the training has been a bit of a fiasco over this week and I'm already rthinking about sending it back for a refund.  Of course, I know that a week simply might not be enough time & perhaps I should be more persistent....

But is it possible that Parker is just too set in his ways?  It's not him who's changed -- it's me.  Any thoughts?

(Oops -- In my eagerness to ask a question, I forgot: "Hi! I am new to this community!" ^_^  How rude of me...  )

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Saturday, March 8th, 2008
12:41 pm
Love found
I just had to share this.
It so rocks. Parrots in Comics are so rare shown as they should be.http://www.octopuspie.com/index.xml
8:02 am
Discouraging mating behaviour while still building trust and bonding?
I've mentioned my 9 year old Senegal that I adopted in late December here before, and now I have a bit of a dilemma. Until about 2 weeks ago, Maeby was very shy and stand-offish but with the arrival of spring (at least, it's spring here in western Canada) she's decided she wants a mate. And she's picked me as a potential good one. At first she just suddenly started approaching me and giving me kisses, but now it's turned into a head bobbing, partially regurgitating, crouching low with wings held slightly out from body etc fest. I've had her such a short amount of time that I'm not sure how to go about discouraging the mating stuff while still building trust with her. Any suggestions?

Her cage is covered 12 hours at night, there are no potential nesting sites in it, and not only has it been rearranged, but I actually moved her into a brand new cage a week ago.

Oh, and I sent out a blood sample for DNA sexing on Thursday! Soon I'll know if she really is a she!
Thursday, February 28th, 2008
8:41 am
My first kiss!
I was talking to Maeby, my nine year old adopted senegal, in her cage this morning and she seemed very, very interested, chirping and whistling back. Then she stepped closer and slipped her beak between the cage bars towards me, so I moved my face closer. She started gently nibbling my nose and trying to take my glasses off, even preening a few strands of my hair that she could reach a little bit. She pinched my nose a bit harder once, but I just said "be gentle baby" and she immediately went back to gentle touchings and tonguings. It was wonderful, especially because it was initiated by her.

I didn't try to open the cage and let her get closer, or try to preen her in return at all because she's still handshy, but I think she's doing wonderfully considering I adopted her not quite 2 months ago, and I'm her fourth home. I'll be putting together her new, larger cage today and I think that will make a difference for her too, once she adjusts. She's a bit shy, as some pois are, but I'll make sure I put her familiar perches and toys in the cage, and also let her just see it in the room for a while before moving her into it.

Maeby kissed me! It was an amazing way to start the day. I mean, I'm used to constant cockatiel kisses from Jake, but my first senegal kiss is something to rejoice in.

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
6:06 am
I have a rescued green wing macaw who is hand shy. He just let me scritch his head sitting on my sholder for an hour!

WOOOOOHOOOOO time for a snack!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
11:26 am
SNOW DAY - a bit of humor for my feathered friends

Current Mood: But sick of the snow
Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
9:07 pm
Hanging Bird Orb
My boyfriend and I have just started to make our own playstands/gyms for birds. The first model we have out is a hanging orb that has been approved by our picky cockatiel. Each order is custom made to fit you and your bird's needs. It comes in 3 different sizes--small (15inches), medium (18inches), and large(21inches). There is also the option of sisal, hemp, or cotton rope and feeding/drinking cups.

The Hanging Orb that is pictured is a medium with sisal rope.

Images ahead!Collapse )

If you would like something different, or have more specific needs, please comment or e-mail me at flyingfluff AT gmail DOT com and we can work out something together that both fits what you want and is reasonably priced.

NOTE: This business is just starting out, so the product you will receive will be greatly discounted. I have done some math and figured out that I'm just barely covering the material costs at this point. They start out at $35 plus $20* for s&h, but I will only be offering 3 more at this price. It will increase slightly afterwards, so I suggest you hurry if you want to get one while the cost is this low! I only accept PayPal at the moment and my paypal address is flyingfluff@gmail.com

* USPS was the cheapest at $17 + $3 for the box. UPS and FedEx was $21-$22.

x-posted to my personal journal and several other bird communities. Sorry if this shows up more than once on your friends page.

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6:55 pm
Wednesday, January 30th, 2008
8:11 pm
I have an update of good news! Today I was treating Katie to a peanut through the bars of her cage and I must have spooked her because she accidentally fluttered out the door and onto the dining room floor. I walked over to her and she stepped right up and onto my shoulder. Turns out she isn't all that aggressive outside the cage! Anyway, I took her into the bathroom where there were no noises or distractions and I sat and let her walk around on my lap. Of course she didn't spend much time on my lap she kept climbing up my arm. Good sign though, I'm thinking. I am wondering if maybe I want to take her out of the cage more often if this is how she is going to act. Someone in a different community said she used to have the same problem and she'd take her grey out every once in a while by gently wrapping it in a towel and bringing it out to where its comfortable. If I were to do that every once in a while and take her to the bathroom or my bedroom and sit with her (and some treats) perhaps I will make progress more quickly!
Just sayin' tonight's events have encouraged me :D
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