Wysh (wyshadara) wrote in 2nd_hand_birds,

Broken Hearted resolutions....

Ok, so I've come to realize that it's not fair to my beautiful Azul for me to keep him. He's not coping well with the baby getting more attention than he gets. While I was pregnant, he decided that my 11 y/o son was "his person" who's only here half of the time, due to the custody situation and less than that when we're on the go. Which, admittedly, is too much to expect a bird to tolerate. I've had to admit that as much as I love him (and having birds in general) our life is just to chaotic for feathered-parenthood and it was selfish of me to think otherwise. SO, if we can forego the flaming, my son and I are devastated about this as it is, I'm looking for a new forever-home for my baby. I rescued him 3 years ago and never expected to have another baby. Here's his stats:

We're in the Dallas Area, BTW: Local Only

11 yo Rose-ringed neck parakeet (pictured) Good health. Wings partially clipped (beginning to grow out.) Will of course include cage, playstand, toys, etc. His hatch date is mid-march, I can't seem to find his hatch certificate, but I do have it and will forward it on when I find it. He has a beautiful, loving personality and really needs a LOT of attention. Friendly towards kids, other pets and anyone who will give him attention, but will get demanding for attention if ignored. The screaming is new since the baby was born, so I'm hoping he'll grow out of it. Understands still that covered cage means quiet time. Like I said, very easily handled and loving, just not happy that he's not Mommy's #1 baby atm and gets depressed when my son isn't around or has to do anything but play with him exclusively. 

Please, it is so very important to me that he have a good, permanent home. Would be even better if it were somewhere local to me that I could bring my son to visit his buddy, I think they would both be happier that way. 

I will be x-posting this a bit, I need to do this before I lose my resolve. It took me a long time (too long, tbh) and he deserves so much more than I can give him right now.  He's just not getting the attention and care that he deserves...oh, and the AC just went out in our house, and won't be repaired until we find $1500 to fix it.
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